DCT Deep Cryogenic Treatment

DCT Technology

Deep Cryogenic Treatment

Deep Cryogenic Treatment (DCT)is our own proprietary cryogenic process developed specifically for the treatment of the audio wire used in the manufacture of copper cable productss.

Our Cryo wire is subjected to a precision deep cryogenic treatment in which the copper cable is slowly super-cooled (below -300°F below zero),held within I degree for number hours and then sloely brought back to room temperature at 1 precisely controlled rate.

The benifits DCT for audio cable are spectacularly increased electric conductivity (IACS), greater detail and transparency in the soundstage, and more accurate dynamic rsponse throughout the audible range. It also can decrease propagation (insertion) lass in the signal path.

To test for this technology we used measure of coaxial insertion lass the difference when using the two cables (on DCT. the other not). Figure shows the propagation (insertion) lass curves of cables before / after DCT Treatment. It is clear that the disparity in frequency response is decline 5-10% across the entire audiblefrequency range.

Moreover, the electric conductivity of 6N OCC is over ICAS 103%